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Friday, November 13, 2015

Trenchworx - WWI French FT-17 - Pt 4

I did some more work on the FT-17. The paintwork, and weathering is essentially done at this point. I need to go in and some "environment" to it. I'll start with a little mud (going light with the mud) and then hit it with the pigments. I'm closing in on the finish point now, one more solid session and they should be done.

I applied the an Raw Umbar ink as a filter to darken the overall look.

I applied a couple layers of rust, primarily on the tracks. I then went in with a wash rust and then wiped it downwards to streak it.

Went back in with some lighten versions of the camo colors to make things pop a bit.

Calling the basic work finished at this point and letting everything set so I can start in with the pigments and mud

A lightened version of the previous shot. I'm really quite pleased at this point.

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