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Monday, November 9, 2015

Building Calamity 6 - Row House Roof

Its time to take a break from the building itself and hit the roof. I'm doing this mostly in the interest of being able to paint everything faster. While the roof shingles I'm using are grey that's not the color I want them to be. There is still some time to be spent on the roof as I want to do something interesting with the eaves to add further interest.

I want the roofs to be as interesting as I can make them without detracting from the overall scene. From a gaming point of view everything is seen mostly from above so I really want to have interesting rooflines that will help draw the players into the game.

The shingles I'm using for this roof are a bit on the fancy side as they have that neat hexagonal cut to them, These are the Laser-Art paper shingles from Branchline Trains. I have really come to like these shingles a lot and some of it has to do with the amount of material you get in the package. I have plenty left to do the second row house if I want to, but I have two packs of Truewood shingles from Builders in Scale that I might use to make that row house stand out as different.

I was almost done laying the shingles on the first side before I remembered to take a picture

All done

Its Elmers Glue (PVA) gluing paper to plastic I figured it wouldn't hurt to let it sit under some weight.

Finished the shingles on the other side

While the second side had a turn under the weights I went ahead and trimmed up the first side. Nice and neat now!

I figured I had the weights it may as well go ahead and give the first side some more time under the weights as well.

Roof sides trimmed and ready for the next step.

I love my square blocks. I went with the 1mm foamed pvc for the braces.

Added some stringers to strengthen the joint and added the fifth, thicker and shorter, brace.

So far so good! I kept the edge braces pretty tight to the walls to insure a reasonably tight fit.

Gluing the other side of the roof in place.

Added stringers and the basic form of the roof is complete

Looking good. Just need to deal with that gap on the peak between the two sides

I had just the right piece of dimensional styrene for that job.

Added the roof cap which forms the basic roof. I could finish it off with some plain edge trim but I think I'm going to go for something a bit fancier. They do have those fancy shingles after all.

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