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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Red Devils - Section 2

I decided to take a break from buildings and get some more paint on my British paratroopers. This is the second section and the support weapon is the 3" mortar team. I'll be basing the mortar team on a 60mm round base with all three crew. I didn't have the Warlord bases when I first put this section up on the bottle caps so I dismounted everyone except the mortar team and glued them to new bases and then applied the pumice gel basing goop to the bases. Now I don't have to worry about getting basing goop on finished paint jobs.

Anyway working on a pretty straight up tabletop paint job on these. After this evening I'm ready to move on to the fiddly bits.


Blocked in the pants and the Denison Smocks

On the new bases

The pumice gel dries clear so you can see the stones in the mix.

A little green on the smocks

Now for the brown

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