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Monday, November 23, 2015

Care Package - Warlord Games

Nothing like arriving home to a little overseas care package. I had ordered a few extra troops to round out my British Para platoon. I picked up an HQ pack to convert into an FO team, an extra rifleman in a pose I didn't have, a flamethrower team, a sniper team and an extra Bren Gun team since the third section has two Bren guns instead of one. I also picked up a German Marder I for a little conversion project.

I didn't actually paint anything tonight since it was a roller hockey night. Ended up playing ironman hockey which means we only had the minimum number of skaters, 4, and a goalie. Our fifth player went down about 5 minutes into the game with a severely sprained ankle (possibly broken) but the game goes one so we played 36 minutes of hockey against a team with almost a full rotation of players. We lost, not surprising but it was a 7-6 game and we still had a chance to win with less than a minute to go after they tied it at 6-6.

Now the more interesting stuff, what's in the box!