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Monday, November 23, 2015

Red Devils - Section 2 - Pt 2

The only significant work I managed over the weekend was working on my British Paras at Total Escape Games on Saturday. It was the monthly painting workshop for the CMPA and the attendance was light. Pretty much what I expected with the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching and some rain and snow overnight that left the roads pretty icy until later in the day.

The paras are coming along although its hard to show progress when I'm down to the smaller detail bits. Primarily I worked on the webbing, a little lining, the boots and the gaiters. Should be able to finish these off this week, I hope. I had to order a few extra things to round the force out and I'm starting to accumulate the troops for one of the pint sized campaigns for Chain of Command from Two Fat Lardies.

The first three pictures are where I started the day. I had to touch up the basecoat on the berets as well.

Where I ended the day. Still need quite a bit more shading and highlighting but the bulk of the details are at least blocked in now.

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