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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Building Calamity 4 - Row House

I spent a little time on the Row House today. Adding the trim around the outside, that same trim that I should have done before I painted the exterior walls. On the plus side the white plastic trim really stands out against the painted surface.

I'll go in and add in some wood grain and then add the weathering to the trim and then move on to painting the outside walls. I realize that the doors and windows are still missing at this point but I'm having a hard time finding anything that will fit the openings. I may have to build these myself rather than utilize a commercial part. Will see what I can find. I can certainly do the painting before I actually find parts that will fit.

Not much work today.

The initial trim was HO Scale 2x8s from Evergreen

Of course I ran out of that strip stock after I trimmed out the front

A trip that spanned two different hobby stores came up with a big blank so I picked up some dimensional stock that measured  .030 x .080 about the same width and a little thicker. Not a bad match.

Trim is all in place, now I need to find those windows and doors.


  1. Great start its is coming along nicely :)

    1. It is. I'm really kind of experimenting with how to do these supporting buildings quickly. Make them look good but not spend a huge amount of time on them. Right now I probably haven't spent more than a couple of hours on this one and that's mostly been figuring out the best way to approach it. I really like the foamed PVC sheets though. The stuff is amazingly easy to work with.

  2. Using different trim is probably more realistic anyway...

    Would it not be faster to make the wall openings in the size of commercially available doors and windows, than to find doors and windows to match the openings?

    1. The would definitely make things go faster. I spend some time today looking at different commercial parts and what would be useful. My next posting will show the commercial windows and doors I decided to use and some of the modifications I had to make to fit them into the existing building. Fortunately Caboose Hobbies is quite close so I could get my hands on them. There are some from another company that I would like to get but I'll have to mail order those. The S Scale components are the closest matches, the O Scale stuff is mostly to big.