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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Care Package - 1st Corps

Woohoo! Another care package hit the mailbox today. This one should just about finish off what I need for my British Paratroopers. I'm not sure if the 1st Corps minis w illreally mix all that well with the Warlord Games Paratroopers, they are a bit chunkier but I think they will be fine once I have them painted and mounted the same way.

So some pictures of the care package to keep everyone occupied while I get out the brushes for the rest of the evening

I picked up some more flame throwers, sniper teams and bren gunners. The third section should have two bren guns instead of the usual one. I was looking for some different poses to get some variety on the table.

These air dropped containers are what I was really after. I'm very pleased with the detail on these. They will make excellent objective markers or even markers for jumping off points.