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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Building Calamity 8 - Row House Finishing

I pulled out the weathering implements to try and finish off this Row House for Calamity. I'm pretty pleased with the results at this point. Of course I didn't quite get it completely finished. The front door has gone missing and I broke out the center framing piece in the front window. But other than that I'm ready to call this one finished.

A few pictures from the workbench.

Gathering a few materials together. Pan Pastels in the little canisters on the left, the applicator handles and the sponges in the middles, some of paint and my Liquitex Ram Umber ink (don't leave home with out it).

First step was to apply a strong wash on the roof to help pick out the shingles. I followed that up with  streaks of a lighter red brown Pan Pastel pigment.

I used several colors of Pan Pastel pigments on the outside after I scrubbed paint off to reveal the wood underneath for that peeled paint look.

After applying the pigments I streaked white paint down the outside to provide a highlight. I'm thinking this one is looking pretty good. Will need to do a little repair work but its ready for the board when I get that far.


  1. Looking great. Was the wash with the raw umber?

    How many of these are you going to make for the final board?

    1. Right, the roof wash was with the raw umber. Used it straight out of the bottle. I'm not sure how many I'm going to make yet. I have a about a dozen prototypes finished for the model board. Mostly to get a good idea of what's going to fit. I need to start that little terrain project and make sure everything is going to work the way I think its going to work!

  2. It looks brilliant and you've nicely weathered and worn looking.

    1. I see some room for improvement but I think its going to fit right in quite nicely. Just need to refine the process a bit now.