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Friday, November 20, 2015

Building Calamity 7 - Row House Painting

With the FT-17s out of the way I get to return to the Row House. I think I'm getting towards the end on this one now. I decided that I need to repaint some of the work on the interior that I had already done. Definitely need to be sure of the interior colors before I assembly the basic building. I repainted the interior walls with an airbrush and did the trim in the same color as that seem to be rather common. I then made some paper templates to cover the walls while I re-did the floor. Not a bad job getting these re-done. It would have been a real bear if I had decided to paint the interior trim a different color from the walls. On the outside I applied chipping fluid somewhat randomly but concentrated towards the bottom of the building.

I gave the roof a nice mahogany color to start with and then painted the trim on the whole building a nice green. After all of this needs time to set up before I start the weathering process.

Before I did any painting I applied the chipping fluid. This works like any other method like hairspray or rubber cement. Once you are done painting you rub gently with a pencil eraser and the top layer of paint will peel away to reveal the stained boards underneath.

The evenings accident. Squeezed a bottle of Vallejo a bit to hard and the cap popped off spewing paint all over the place. I know better than to do that, really I do.

I have already painted the interior you can see my quick and dirty templates in place when I painted the interior. I left them in place so I wouldn't get overspray from airbrushing the exterior going through the windows are catching the top portion of the interior walls.

The grey shingles are now a nice reddish brown

Green trim in place. you can just make out the wood floor on the interior through the open front door and the front window.

Ready for the next step, weathering!