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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

West Wind Productions - Weird War II - US Battlesuit w/ Bazooka & Assault Pod

This was my project to get into the current painting club going on at the Lead Adventures forum. One of the rules for the paint clubs is that it is a newly painted miniature, not a dusty one that was painted years ago, in this case that wasn't a problem. The theme this time is Weird War II, of course I don't have any miniatures from the genre. I spent a couple days digging through minis and finally decided on a US Battlesuit from West Wind. I made the order the Noble Knight Games and it arrived a few days later. Always great service from them. I was not particularly pleased with the casting and it took a lot more prep work to get it ready to paint than I would have liked.

I kept the paint job pretty basic but tried to make it look like its seen some action, so a bit of rust and a layer of dust was applied. I used the same basing style that I used for my Red Devils. Mostly because everything was handy to do that. It doesn't look as nice as it does on my paratroopers though, not sure exactly why. Still it gets the job done and I probably spent more time waiting for things to dry than I actually did painting it.

I couldn't post in my blog till I published the photo in LAF. I have been working on the battlesuit in between working on the FT-17s.

This time I remember to apply the basing goop before I got into the whole process.

Vallejo US Dark Green applied with the airbrush

Not a lot of extra colors needed for this one.

An out of focus shot of course this is the one that I applied my rust effects with.

Its shiny in this photo because I used pigment fixer on my dusty pigment colors I applied

And the finished product. Still looks a bit shiny, I'll have to give it another coat of Matt Varnish.


  1. Nice and stompy. LAF is always good about getting people to paint new things, whilst reducing the lead mountain.

    1. Well this time I just stayed even. Had to buy one to be able to participate, but it least it went straight to the win column!

  2. He's a lovely big bugger, nice work!