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Monday, April 30, 2012

ATSF Recent Freight Car Acquisition

And by recent I mean arrived today! I haven't wanted a set of the express boxcars for sometime and I finally got them at a good price on eBay. Quite happy with that purchase. The second purchase wasn't quite so good. I didn't read the description or look at the photos closely enough on the auction for these. I thought I was buying ATSF SFRC mechanical refrigerator cars, instead these are ATSF (at least I got that part right) SFRD which are ice bunker refrigerator cars. Not sure that I could even technically use these on the 1974 -78 era layout. I probably will anyway, I'm not that much of a stickler and they probably won't look out of place on the layout anyway.


  1. Now this is one of your areas of special interest that I really know nothing about. But knowing you, I'm afraid to ask how many you have and how much space in your house is being taken up by trains and tracks!

    1. Actually, because model railroading is a secondary hobby, my layout is quite modest. It fits on two hollow core doors so its about 13' long and 15" wide. There will be one extension for staging purposes (think of it as a place for the offstage actors to wait) that butts up against one edge. Motive power consists of two diesel engines and there are about 30 pieces of rolling stock. Small enough that any work I do on it is very noticeable and I can take the time to really detail to a high level.