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Monday, April 30, 2012

Union Pacific Diesels - Right Place Right Time

I haven't hardly posted anything on my #2 hobby, model railroading, in quite some time. So time to break things up a bit. I ride the RTD light rail line to and from work everyday and it goes right by the UP's engine facilities. I was headed in when I spotted an two black diesels sitting outside the shops. I was in the wrong place on the train to catch a shot though. As luck would have it (dependent somewhat on your perspective) one of my boys was sick enough that I had to head home. Knowing what was coming up I got ready with my phone camera (didn't even think of packing the good Nikon with me). I was fast enough to get one shot as we rolled by and it wasn't even fuzzy! What we have is an ex Cotton Belt engine in original colors but with a UP engine number in UP yellow and red and right behind it an ex Southern Pacific engine also in original colors. Unfortunately I only managed to pull off a shot of the Cotton Belt engine but you can see the tail end of the SP one as well.Oh and its not really on a step grade like that, I just wasn't holding the camera quite straight. Maybe better shots in the morning, if they are still there!

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