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Monday, April 16, 2012

Norman SAGA Commission - Spearmen

I managed to get quite a bit of painting in over the weekend. I have temporarily set the Hearthguard aside for the moment to concentrate on the other three points of SAGA troops for the Normans. What is remaining are the Spearman (Warriors), the Crossbows (Warriors) and the Archers (Levi). It is interesting that among the remaining 28 miniatures that there is not a single armored spearman  but there are a number of chainmail clad crossbows and archers. I approached this last bit a little differently. I decided on two lighter colors for the "pants" ( I guess they are really some form of stocking) and about 6 different colors for the tunics. Concentrating the the spearmen first then applying the colors randomly to the remaining miniatures until I ran out of that color on the palette. The Spearmen went relatively quickly and as befits grunt type troops their shields were kept to pretty simple patterns, either halved or quartered. Later in the evening I called them done and spent time working on the crossbows after that. I'll post pictures of the crossbows tomorrow or Wednesday, but they are down to the highlights. I think I'm going to raid one of my GW plastic dwarf boxes and see if I can use those crossbows for some of the parts. More on that later. For now here are the Norman Spearman (Gripping Beast miniatures).:
The Group Shot:
 At the beginning of the day

At the end of the day, well close. After I took these photos I decided that they were to plain so I added a horizontal yellow stripe at the bottom of each of their tunics. I think it brings them together as a unit better.


  1. How did I miss this post? These look great all done up and standing together. You did tie them together even though each one is different. And I love the shields.

    1. You only missed it by an hour. I don't really think you can count that as missing the post. The stripe I added really rounded them out. I was just to lazy to retake the pictures. You will see it when I do the group shot though. I think the simple designs really came out very well, I used a huge brush on those!