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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Norman SAGA Commission - Crossbows and Archers

This is the progress for tonight. The crossbowmen are done, except for the weapons that have to be attached. There is a problem here as I realized tonight that two of them aren't actually holding their crossbows. I didn't realize it until tonight that they were missing. I tried to substitute some GW dwarf crossbows but they looked very wrong (it was just a long shot anyway). So I have no idea if they were in the package or not so I guess I'm going to have to order a back of crossbows and hope that they get here quickly.

The archers or levy in SAGA are completed up through the wash stage. Tomorrow I'll add the highlights and get these wrapped up. Then I'll move back to the hearthguard and get those finished up. Including the dragon on the warlord's shield. Here are the pics from tonight:


  1. Hi, can you tell me what you are using for bases? They look like some form of disc…

    1. These miniatures were bought in a 1 point SAGA package and they came with these little green disks for the basing. I haven't seen them available separately on either the Gripping Beast or Architects of War sites. I'm not sure if the regular Gripping Beast packs have these or not but everything that is sold specifically for SAGA does.