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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Norman SAGA Commission - The Shields

Well, the shields finally started to look less like a bunch of primary colored boards. I think there is only one that I'm going to repaint. The blue and white checkered one is just not precise enough and my angles are wrong on it. I'll try again and see if I can't get a better pattern going. The basic designs are pretty well outlined at this point. What you are seeing is the beginnings of the design without much attempt to shade and highlight yet. Highlighting and shading may wait until I have them on their horses. I know I'm handling them to much and I'm losing some paint and that will mean the touch ups will just take longer. A few pictures to show the progress:
And this one is going to get repainted. I'll try it again and try to be a bit more precise. I should have changed brushes but I got stubborn.


  1. Oooh these are nice and each shield so individual. My favorite is the dragon shield. How in the heck did you paint something so small on something so small?

    1. The basic shape is pretty easy just a few gentle curves with the brush. Getting the detail in will be the killer on that one. Part of painting the designs is just getting in there and doing it and remembering that it doesn't have to be perfect the first time you can always come back with the base shield color and tighten the designs up.