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RR Prototypes

Just a place to put some of the railroad cars, engines and MOW vehicles that interest me. Usually limited to what I can see from the windows on my daily commute on Denver's light rail system.

 First up a derelict crane car which I think may have belong to the Union Pacific at some time

 Union Pacifc 607 GP38-2 RIP track in Denver CO 1/2012
GATX - GMTX 2682 GP38-2, Denver CO 5/2012

Union Pacific C44CW (ex SP) Denver CO 5/2012

Union Pacific 1482 GP40-2 (ex SP) DenverCO 5/2012

Union Pacific 1417 GP40M-2 (ex CB) Denver CO 4/2012
 Union Pacific 1321 MP15DC Denver CO 5/2012


  1. Great photos; if you're shooting from the train, it's especially impressive as most windows on trains aren't the clearest

    1. Thank you! There are definitely days when I wish I could clean the window I'm sitting by first! It can be a challenge shooting through windows like that. I'm usually battling both dirt and glare.

  2. When did you take the photos of the crane? I have been told it has now been scrapped. If you are interested I can send the particulars on it.

    1. I would certainly be interested. With the engine maintenance facility gone now very little is left in that area. I worked downtown from 12/2011 - 6/2013 so the pictures had to be taken in that time frame.