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ACW 15mm


  1. Those look like the gorgeous GMB flags. Would you mind sharing what you used for the flagpoles? I've painted up some the Blue Moon 18mm, and even those poles are too short for the GMB flags.

    1. Yes, those are GMB flags. I was tired of flag staffs bending every time I transported my army. Hard to get away from when the flag staff is cast from the same "soft" metal as the mini. I replaced those staffs with 50mm spears/pikes that I cut down to the, more or less, correct height. There are a number of them out on the market, but I don't remember who made the ones I have. About all I can say is that they were from a line of 15mm ancients and used for the big pike blocks. The tips are sharp, and are quite capable of drawing blood if you aren't paying attention and I guarantee they won't bend!