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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Backlogs and New Projects

As most of you have been able to tell from watching the horde of miniatures coming in to my house I sometimes  have a hard time focusing on just a single project. Currently on the list are:

1) WWI US Marines - I have everything for this army but only 1 platoon of 15 is painted.
2) Modern US Marines - I have almost everything for this army either in hand or on the way. I may need a few more troops and I definitely need more HMMWVs and probably MRAPs (a 6x6 Cougar and a 4x4 Cougar are on the way).
3) ACW Union - Infantry and artillery are all finished, I need to get to the cavalry but that's a low priority for this army. Currently all my Generals are old Stone Mountain minis or Old Glory, I'm planning on replacing them with some from Peter Pig painted up to a much higher standard. The only other thing I would like to do is finish the Fire and Fury game markers that I also acquired from Peter Pig.
4) Napoleonic British - I may go through a re-basing exercise for this army. Currently mounted for LaSalle which I have now decided I don't like very much. I may go back to Napoleon's Battles basing or perhaps the Napoleon at War basing, actually for the British infantry it should work out to be the same, just the cavalry is mounted differently I think. So most likely the infantry component is finished, I need to work on artillery and cavalry at this point.
5) Flames of War DAK - This army is basically finished, there are a few odds an ends that need to be completed but it is a playable army. I am considering going back and stripping down vehicles and re-painting them with some new techniques that I have learned since I painted that one.
6) LoTR - I have one army based around the Knights of Dol Amroth that is about 1/2 done, but I'm unhappy with it. I may go ahead and just go with the Grey Company, or make a left turn and do Rohan. How can I pass up vikings on horseback?
7) SAGA - Still up in the air on this one but I already have a bunch of vikings painted up so really all I would need are a few leaders painted up and I would be done. I need to dig the miniatures out and see what I really have. Certainly more than what SAGA requires. My biggest issue is that these rules are irremediably expensive for being a paperback set. I have hardbound rules with considerably more content that cost less than SAGA.

So those are the armies that I have currently. I am contemplating an TYW army (Danes) and maybe a Confederate army for ACW.

Tons of Fantasy and Science Fiction stuff floating around the desk. This stuff is primarily intended for competition painting. I do need to pick out a piece or two to get ready for ReaperCon in May

NEWEST project. My Dad called last night and he has decided that he wants me to paint another one of his carvings. This one is not a carousel animal but more of a statue type piece that would be a decoration on a carousel. It was one I had considered painting when they went to Europe in 2011 but I painted the Hippocampus instead. Sounds like I made a good choice because he has something pretty definite in mind for this one. Its also small enough (about 2' tall) that I can bring it home and work on it rather than having to drive up to the shop. Since its for my dad everything else will probably come to a stop while I work on that. I think its time to break-out the airbrush and get used to using it again. Airbrushing is going to make this go much faster than working it with a brush.


  1. That carousel just blew my mind and your father carved that. Art must run in your family then. You were born to do this and it shows. When you get the new carving painted please post it.

    1. It will definitely get posted when I finish it. He wants something pretty specific so I'm a little worried about his expectations. Still he has always loved the worked I did on the three horses and the hippocampus so I should be able to handle it. He has another half dozen or so horses and other animals in various stages of completion. I have no idea what we are going to do with them if they move out of the house and into a condo. They are all fully sized carousel horses so they are pretty big, the lion is huge.

  2. You've got the ooh shiny complex bad but don't we all?

    1. I do, not as bad as some others in my gaming group, but I can usually hold my own with the unpainted pile of pewter.