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Thursday, April 18, 2013

ReaperCon 2013 Wednesday Day 0

My Day 0 did not go quite as well as I had hoped it would. I arrived at DIA around 9:00am for my 11:20am flight. That flight was cancelled pretty much as I was heading down the concourse. That started off the wait. I'm not sure why the flight was cancelled, it was snowing in Denver but not enough to cancel flights, I know that weather in the Dallas area (Tornado warnings) were one of the big culprits for the delays. I managed to get on the next flight, which should have left around 3:00 but was delayed until 6:10. The folks joining me on that original flight included Michael Proctor, Jason Wiebe and his daughter Olivia and Meg Maples. They were on standby for my flight and didn't get on it. There were a lot of people on standby to say the least! They were booked on to the next flight which managed to arrive at 2:30am. My plane arrived about 11:30pm 

We were told that they were filling the plane to its full fuel capacity in case we had to circle prior to landing. We sat there long enough that they had to topped off the plane with fuel again and still we waited. I think we were on the plane for an hour before we took off. Easily one of the worst flights that I have ever been on. Really rough takeoff, really rough landing and at one point I started to develop a good case of motion sickness, fortunately it passed without incident. 

So instead of getting to explore the addition to the Reaper Facility I ended up spending why to much time in the airport and didn't get to my room till about midnight.

So a few pictures from yesterday's adventures! Hopefully I'll actually get to Reaper today!
This is a view out of the main terminal out towards the concourses at DIA

Security lines are usually shorter if you walk over to Concourse A instead of taking the train. That first Frontier jet at the left is at the gate I should have left from. I think the jet you see there was heading for Durango.

Lousy weather but still flying. Only flights to the Dallas area were actually delayed or cancelled from Denver.

The hardy souls stranded at DIA. From left to right Olivia Wiebe, Jason Wiebe, Michael Proctor and Meg Maples.


  1. Look at it as the bad is out of the way and on with the good stuff! Don't let the negative fog cloud the rest of the trip. Flights are always hit and miss things but the FAA does not play around with flights and are careful.

    I recall one New Year internet gathering I went to in Chicago was a blast and the last day people was heading home that next day. Snow fell that night and shut down like 95% of the flights, we had people stranded in cards and flying both pooling to get a room for a day or two for the snow to clear. A girl I was with was going to FL and I was going to AL, both our fights got off without a hitch we was in the 5%, my plane was one of the last ones. They scraped the runway, sprayed the plane with freon or something and waved us good luck. I knew at one point during take off we was just skidding on the ice and had no traction if we had to stop it would have been bad.

    1. I'm here and very happy. Travel doesn't usually bother me to much even when things go wrong. Its just not worth getting worked up about. Things will work out one way or the other.

  2. I'm glad to hear that you arrived safely albeit a bit late. Now that I'm addicted to Reaper, I wish more than ever that I could be there as well. I've more than a few of Mr. Wiebe's sculpts in my collection as well.

    You should be inside the facility by now and be enjoying loads of lead-filled goodness.

    Thank you for the write-up!

    1. Having a good time catching up with everyone!