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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Star Trek Episodes - My Top Ten

Over on TMP there is a thread about your favorite Star Trek Episode (original). Well who can pick just one? Here are my top ten favorite Original Star Trek Episodes:

#10  Spectre of the Gun
#9    I, Mudd
#8    Wolf in the Fold
#7    The Squire of Gothos
#6    Space Seed
#5    The Changeling
#4    Mirror, Mirror
#3    The Trouble with Tribbles
#2    A Piece of the Action
#1    The City on the Edge of Forever

Do you have your own top ten episodes? Or maybe just one.


  1. I can't really remember any of the titles of the original series?? I always remember the one were there's a good and evil Capt Kirk, great special effects (a bit more eyeliner, on evil Kirk). Couldn't tell you what its called????

    1. That one is Mirror, Mirror and it spun off a couple of episodes for Deep Space Nine and Enterprise.

  2. I think I remember I,Mudd and there's the one with Kirk fighting an alien on a planet and makes a small cannon but the Mythbusters covered it in an episode and proved it was rubbish about the cannon!

    1. You know, sometimes Mythbusters gets it wrong! The episode with the Gorn is "Arena".

  3. I'm in the same boat as Ray, I never really remember the names of the episodes. The Gorn one is a good one and the evil Kirk. The one where they went back in time where they had to explain Spocks ears, also the one with the guys who were half black and white, I always liked that one.

    1. So you are in for the "Arena", "Mirror, Mirror", "City on the Edge of Forever" and "Let that be Your Last Battlefield".

      Although when you talk about an "evil Kirk" it could be "The Enemy Within". "Mirror, Mirror is the alternative universe episode where they switch with Barbaric Captain Kirk.