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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Competition Prototypes

With the prototype display bases completed I thought I would take a look at how some of my entries might go together. I had the miniatures hand for the Trophy Hunter and Terror From Outer Space. So with a little "blue" tack I wanted to see how these might look.

Trophy Hunter is an all Reaper display featuring the Female Andromedan and three trophies consisting of various Bathalians. For this display the high backdrop is perfect.

The heads tacked into place

And the Hunter pointing out some interesting point on her latest trophy.
Right now the whole background just screams old English trophy room, Green walls, dark wood wainscotting, hardwood floor and maybe a rug and a little table. Should be fun.

The second one The Terror From Outer Space is much simpler but the background is going to be a bit more complex. I'll have to work out how to do build the interior of a spaceship.
So imagine an airlock door on the left side where the tentacles are coming from. I might add a little robot to the scene on the right side to help balance it out.

Looking at the display bases and the minis sort of in place, I definitely happy with how things are coming along. I will just have to sit down and start painting now!


  1. The Andromeden is a Patrick Keith sculpt, yes. That's a complicated background and I'm curious about the palette you plan on using.

    I've no idea how to build a sci-fi backdrop, but I think an airlock would be a good idea.

    1. There is the potential for a lot of complexity in the background on this one and I think I'm going to have to force my self to keep things more on the simple side. I think I'll start with the heads done primarily in reds and purples maybe dipping down into pink. I'm leaning towards a blue skin for the Andromedan right now but I might go with green instead. If I go with a green skin then the walls will have to be a mustard yellow to keep her from blending into the background. If I go with a darker wood then everything else should really pop out of the scene.

      I have some ideas on how to build the spaceship backdrop but I'm loving the airlock idea right now, although it could be a simple hatch as well and maybe another one on the right side. The back wall could be pretty simple with portholes to show that you are actually in space. I want to give everything that pulp era Sci Fi look.

  2. I love both of these, but the spaceship combat backdrop is very interesting. Having the door being forced open by another sculpted tentacle or a claw or something would be interesting indeed.

  3. That would certainly add another level of interest. Good idea! Consider it stolen!

  4. Wish I had photos of the vacu-formed wall panels we did for the Dream Park spaceship adventure. For a more Star Trek look, they would be effective.

    For a more gritty look, I'd think about the way that Outland did its visuals. Plus it would be an excuse to watch Outland again. 8-)

    1. That's a good thought though, there may well be some vacuum form panels out there that I can use.

      The Outlands idea is good too, definitely time to watch that again!