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Friday, December 16, 2016

Patio Renovation - Mostly Finished

Its been a very busy week here but the contractors were able to wrap up the construction on Monday. There are some things we aren't going to be able to get to till spring now because the ground froze up so quickly on us. But the expanded patio itself is finished. There are a couple of things that got missed but nothing major. If it warms up a bit we can even use it (the grill typically sees action all winter anyway)! Some of the stuff that has been stored in the garage is slowly making its way back outside we need to add a extra long spout a drain pipe or I will have a river of ice going across it in a few weeks as we go through our regular snow, melt cycle here in Colorado.

Looking straight north. The old concrete fountain has been nicely integrated into the seating wall. You can just make out the downspout on the left side of the photo, the flow from that needs to be redirected.

Here you can see the fountain that was originally part of a garden bed and the entrance to the yard. Both of these stayed in place.

Looking more to the southeast, you can see entry and the kitchen with the grill in place and some of the stuff migrating back out of the garage.

And the Kitchen area it self with plenty of space to prep food! The space seems huge right now but I'm sure it will shrink as we bring stuff back out of the garage and give the jeep a place to stay in the winter.

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