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Friday, December 4, 2020

Printing - Red is Finished

Its amazing how much work is involved in a simple design when you start adding colors. First up in the printing process is red. 90 impressions or so,later the red was finished. Messy process but I learned a couple things to make it go a little quicker. You would think that having run a printing press for two years that I would be neater with the ink. I had forgotten how easily ink just gets on everything if you aren't paying attention.

With the red done I can move on to the green.

Everything layed out. The white cards in the corner are proofs. I use those to make sure everything is lining up. There are 5-6 fresh ones just to the right that only have red right now.

Cards racked and stacked for drying. I don't need the red to completely dry before applying the green, so I'll launch right into that part next.

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