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Friday, December 3, 2021

Pirate Project - Disassembly Complete! - Part 4

I finished making that last separation and I think I have finished disassembly the ship. Its at least down to a workable level. It looks like the most difficult part is right here at the bow. The bowsprit needs to come off with the rest of the deck since a good chunk of the standing rigging starts here. That means figuring out to make that whole front of the deck lift off. I'll have to deal with the figure head since it is an integral part of this whole assembly, unless I leave the whole section as a single piece.

This is what the hull looks like with all the decks, finally, removed.

The bow and forecastle are the same casting with the deck sliding in underneath the forecastle.

You can get an idea how these go together here. Its going to be almost impossible to remove them without cutting something up.

I'm going to leave these pieces intact at this point. This section incorporates both the forward mast and the bowsprit so there is a lot going on here from a rigging standpoint. The straight edge from the bow piece also forms one side of the two forward cannon ports. I think I'm going to fill these ports in and reduce the number of cannons on the gun deck.

Here's a look at how the bowsprit support goes together. Three pieces come together here and the joint is not particularly good. Since I'm not going to take it apart I'm going to have to fill the gaps.

From the head on view you can see that the left side has a pretty big gap, the right side joint is much better. Leaving all of this intact also resolves the issue with the figurehead. That can just be glued in place without a problem now.

Now that its in pieces, its time to figure out how to get it back together!

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