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Friday, June 9, 2023

The Wood Logic Puzzle Project - Cubes

Off and on I have managed to find some short stretches of time to get into the wood shop and keep working on all of those cubes. These are all 1" square cubes in both oak and walnut. The next step was to cut the edges down a bit.

I made a jig for this next step just to try and be consistent with how much wood I was going to take off the edge. Once that was done I clamped it down to the small table for the disc sander and spent a lot of time (at least it seemed like it) sanding down every edge of every cube. I then moved to the belt part of the sander and sanded down every face, just little, I didn't want to remove to much material.

I think I'm almost recovered from this part and I just need to build a small jig for the gluing up process.

Boxes of cubes, all ready for the next step. I have enough cubes to make three puzzles in Oak and three in Walnut along with some extras that, hopefully, will replace any defects that I find along the way.

Edges cut down and faces sanded. Some of these will still need a little more sanding.

The "Z" piece, I like the look of the cut down edges.

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