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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Another self-created travel nightmare

I have traveled on a semi-regular basis for the last three years or so and in my new position I expect to be traveling even more than I did before. I can't remember the last time I had a business trip go smoothly. Case in point for tonight. I went to the bank and used the drive through bay. I was taking money out so I put in the withdrawal slip and my drivers license. Get money, don't think about it and off I go. Nine hours later I'm at the airport in the security line and realize I don't have my license. After three treks to my car (yes, I could have done that better) I find out that you don't actually have to have an a government issued ID to get through the security line. In this case my rail/bus pass (that has a picture on it) and my credit card and I was through security. I'm in the air and half way to my destination I realize that I won't be able to pick up my rental car because I don't have my license. Fortunately I know, by chance on a morning conference call, that my boss is coming in from NY after me. No need to panic. So a day of meetings and back to the airport, which I hope will allow me to pull the same trick that I did coming out, one photo ID and a credit card. Otherwise its going to be a very long walk home. What have I learned? Not to panic and go ballistic it never helps, clear thinking will get you through every time. Oh and what did I do during those nine hours? I finished off the first platoon of Marines, just didn't get them photographed.

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