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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thirty Years War, the Danes and Maverick Models

One of the periods that my local gaming group plays (on occasion) is the Thirty Years War. Currently we are using FoG, but we are also looking into Pike and Shotte to see if its a better fit. Of course, I need to play something a little different and opted to build an army for Denmark. Well, the research has been less than forthcoming with answers. I have enough to get troops painted but flags for those troops was a whole different story. On a whim I contacted Stuart at Maverick Models to see if he had anything. After a brief email exchange it turned out that some flags he had made but really couldn't identify turned out to be for the Danes. The next thing I know he has them up on his website ready to go. What more can you ask for, so I fired an order off for one of each! You really can't get service any better than that. I haven't used his flags before but all the images on the website (which I have added to my website list) look great. You can find Maverick Models here: Maverick Models If you need flags for some of your troops definitely check Stuart's stuff out, from 6mm on up and he will do custom orders as well.

Here is an example of one of the Danish flags.


  1. ah the 30Ywar... good gaming period.

    If you're doing a Danish army, go see Tamsin
    (wargaminggirl.blogspot) she's about to start one too

    1. Thanks! I saw that, I should see if she has picked up anything that I haven't.

  2. It's always interesting to see what someone comes up with when there is a dearth of information on a detail of a particular period. Ray over at Don't Throw a 1 had the same problem recently with a flag for the Battle of Boyne.

    Hope you've found a way to deal with the broken figure Kris.

    1. Well, not really. I haven't had a chance to check the local shops yet. I have been going through my stash of pewter though looking for something that will be a good substitute. No luck on that front yet.

      I think that if we get close on the Danish flags I'll be happy. Its amazing how little information there is and I have been in contact with both a friend in Copenhagen and a professor that he recommended.

  3. Replies
    1. Guys like this are definitely worth supporting.