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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Burn In Designs Wild West Buildings

I was asked in the comments section of one of my posts if I had seen the Burn In Design western buildings. I actually have several of these buildings, most of which I haven't completed. While they are still a quality product they just don't fit in with the buildings from other manufacturers. In fact I don't think they are designed for our 28mm miniatures. I half believe that these are actually 1/48th scale or pretty close to it. I didn't even finish the simplest of the buildings that I bought.

These are still quality laser cut products so if they will work for your gaming needs then I would recommend them in that respect. They just don't work for me. They also hit me in one of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to laser cut buildings, no instructions. Now the little saloon should have been a snap to put together even without instructions but I still couldn't quite figure out how everything was suppose to go together and I gave up in complete frustration with one of the two story buildings. Now I fully admit that my patience level was probably not set to its usual level since I already knew that I wouldn't be able to use these.

If you think this will work for you here is the link, they also make several other ranges of buildings that look pretty cool for more modern and science fiction buildings. Burn in Designs

I snapped a few pictures with my favorite female huckster from Reaper Miniatures as well as one of my mounted Norman knights that I need to repaint.

Female Huckster, Savage Worlds Line, Reaper Miniatures
The Adobe Saloon from Burn in Designs

Mounted Norman Knight, Gripping Beast


  1. Great looking building, colors are really nice!

    1. Those are the natural colors! If i was going to finish this one it would get a very thin layer of filler to give it that adobe wall finish and left mostly white maybe with a few reddish brown accents.

  2. They are indeed very nice. Like you say more like 1/48 though. Unless its a bar for horsemen to just ride straight in to the bar!

    1. The windows are certainly set for someone either sitting on a horse or a really tall barstool! I wonder how they would work for the Sci/Fi Western game that was on Kickstarter.