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Friday, September 13, 2013

New Corner Clamps!

I have been looking for some replacements for my corner clamps. They are old, and a little awkward to use. I needed something that would clamp together and still let me add glue easily to the joint. Well I found a couple of possible replacements on my favorite tool site; Micro Mark.

I don't really have anything to use them on at the moment so I grabbed a plastic kit just to see how I might be able to use them. I'm curious to find out how thick a piece the magnet Rite Way clamps can handle in reality. I didn't have a problem with the thin plastic of the kit, hopefully they will work just as well through mdf and plywood. The big right combo clamp should come in handy for those thicker pieces. I'll need to get another one when I get another paycheck under my belt, yea these were that expensive.


  1. With the amount of building you do, if they do the job, they're worth the investment.

    Have a good weekend!