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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Calamity - Newspaper Office - Cutting the Parts

I'm pretty happy with the prototype I built out of mattboard of the newspaper office from Crested Butte. For my trip I grabbed some plastic and the Grandt Line windows and threw them in the suitcase. Tonight I was able to spend some time laying out the parts on the plastic sheets and then cutting them out. I realized that I didn't have any of my doors so all I cut tonight were the positions of the windows and the main pieces of the building. I still need a floor for this one, and I'm not quite sure how I want to approach that. Other than the windows, I haven't cut any detail parts out. I wait till I get home for that, in fact this is about as far as I can go with this one till I get home.

Definitely need a visual record so here are a few pictures of the progress so far:

Starting from the front, getting ready to cut out the place for the front window.

The inner core with the window cut out and my first attempt at cutting out the same position on the exterior siding piece. I reversed something because the opening is on the wrong side. I'll be saving that piece though, I might build a mirror image of this building, or it may be useful on something else,

Now I have it right.

Window in place on the inner core wall.

Side wall with the window in place

The other side with both windows cut out

And now with the windows in place

The back wall with the window in place

Here is the back wall (before cutting out the window) lined up with the false front with the rear roof support.

The back lean to all cut out with the window in place. Still need to cut a spot for the door. The vertical lines represent the places where I will glue on the battens. I'll do that before I assemble the structure, its just easier to do when the walls are still laying flat on the table.

Close up on the front of the lean to. A couple of nicks with the knife that I'll have to clean up later.

The main building pieces. Again the vertical lines are where the battens will be glued.
A closer shot of the main building parts. Still need to get that doorway cut out.


  1. good progress !
    I'm waiting the next step(s) ...

  2. The next steps will have to wait for the weekend now. I didn't quite grab everything I needed so I don't have enough material for the floor or the right tools to distress the siding. I might be able to work on some of the parts for the bakery though. I'll have to plan my packing better next time.