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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WWI Restart - USMC Painting Session 1

I sat down and put in some pretty solid work on the WWI Marines today. I'm not entirely happy with the color, but its actually a pretty close match to some of my color photographs so I'm going to ride with it. I was shooting for something closer to a deeper brown but I think I missed a bit. I used Vallejo Feldgrau and US Olive Drab for this bunch, different from my original combination of Vallejo Feldgrau and Dark Olive. I started the with Vallejo US Field Drab and I'll lighten up from there. I have rethought my idea and I'm not going to do any of my Marines completely in US Army colors, I'll do a group with drab shirts with green pants and one with green shirts and drab pants. I might experiment with a third version of the green as well. I can pick out three distinctive shades of the Forest Green in the pictures that I have.

I also finished up a couple more citizens for Calamity. Here they are checking out their new digs.
Battle Flag Saloon, Brigade Games Preacher (Western Characters I) and Dixon Miniatures, Bartender with Whisky Bottle (WG93)