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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hanger 18 Kickstarter Progress

The Hanger 18 Kickstarter is moving along quite nicely at this point, currently approaching 17.5K which will release three more miniatures to choose from. There are now some painted samples as well as master casts being shown off so I thought I would post them here just to wet your appetite.

Here is the Kickstarter link: Bawidamann Style

Their progress from a sculpting standpoint

Death from Above in Color

The Death from Above sculpt in both 54mm and 32mm.

The cosmonaut, I love this piece

Army Ranger in 32mm

These are the current six miniatures that will be available in the smaller 32mm size

I think every one should just throw caution to the wind and jump in on this one!


  1. I can't find the KS page. Link?

    1. I should had the link in there. I have added up at the top just before the pictures.