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Friday, May 2, 2014

ReaperCon 2014 - Day 4 Wrapping it Up

Sunday is my day at the convention. I think I managed to sleep in till almost 7am with nothing on my schedule in the morning. I spent a lot of time in the contest room giving miniature critiques and I was able to talk to a couple of the artists whose pieces I really admired (and had judged as well). I think I started off with Tonya Lynn's (Nissiana in the Reaper Forums I think) ReaperCon Sophie (I think this is the 2005 or 2006 convention Sophie). Its a beautiful piece and I had a good time talking to her about what was great and what could be improved. I think I followed that with getting to talk with Erin Hartwell (Corporea I think) about her New Ride diorama. And yes it has a few flaws and it could be improved but its a fabulous piece and earned every award it was given.

After that it was auction time, where I get up to face my fears about standing in front of a large audience and auction stuff away. I love every minute of it. There was some great stuff on the table too, hardwood dice from Artisan Dice, a painted miniature from Corporea (Erin Hartwell), A prototype resin master of Dragons Don't Share II (coming as part of Reaper's 2nd Kickstarter; The Return of Mr Bones), a prototype resin master of Nethymaul (in the original larger size) and of course a ton of stuff with the Reaper and convention logos on it. The show ends with the end of the auction and I think its great that we end on such a high note rather than the show just fading away as people leave.

A few more pictures, mostly from the artists' area and some misc. I'm sure I have a few more on my camera when I get around to downloading the card.

Jason Wiebe and Tre Manor, they might be discussing sculpting, but more likely its along the lines of "I killed a bear with my bare hands" kind of conversation.

Angela Imrie and Rhonda Bender already talking about painting

Gene Van Horne, soon to be moving back to Colorado!

Adrienne Hawkins, she keeps things running smooth...or else

Heidi (Pixel) in her first game of the con, I believe her dinosaur is about to eat Shannon (ReaperBryan's wife). Yea, it was that kind of game.
James Wappel, attending the show for the first time. I don't think we scared him off. Was able to talk with him on Sunday night for quite a while about painting. Really has some great ideas.

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