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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diorama - Building the Base III

I received the materials I had ordered and it was back to the workroom to see what I could do with them. First up was the brick material from Monster Model and Laserworks. This is some wicked good stuff and it gives me the old rough brick look that I was looking for. While the package states that it is the American Brick pattern its actually a variant of the English Brick Pattern so while not common in London it will pass muster. I also received the stamps from Happy Seppuku. I picked up the brick pattern which turned out to be just a basic stretcher pattern and to regular for my purposes. A cobblestone stamp which I think is perfect and a brick accent stamp which I'm toying with right now. I'm not sure it will work. I also stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up some Sculpy to use with the stamps rather than work with green stuff or Milliput this time.

Here are the results of the night's endeavors.

The brick sheeting and since there was a sale I picked up the arched brick hoping that it would work. Sadly it won't, may bfor another project.

A closeup of the brick sheeting, lovely stuff, its not actually colored like this though

Happy Seppuku stamps


Brick Accents


Gluing on the brick sheeting

The base for the bottom of the alley, covered with a layer of Sculpy

After applying the cobblestone stamp
The applying the cobblestone to the street level base and making some stuff from the accent stamp

Brick applied to three sides. The corners will be hidden by a stone edging

All the main components in place. The soldier is standing higher in the window than I would like but it should be fine.


  1. Looks great! Those stamps are some usefull things!


    1. For the most part the stamps have been very useful, but there are a couple that I have picked up that I haven't used at all. The brick accent stamp is probably going to be less useful than I had hoped it would be. But in general I have found them to be a good investment.