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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Diorama - Painting the Minis I

Now I'm moving into the phase when things are really starting to come together. While I was waiting for some bits and pieces to arrive for the base I really started moving forward on the minis. I decided to concentrate on the British Riflemen first and that's what I spent most of my weekend doing. I have almost all the colors at least blocked in and some shading and highlighting is well underway. They are a bit more finished than these pictures and they are approaching the tweaking stage now. Overall I'm happy with them I just need to keep refining them.

If you look close you can see that I messed up on the uniform a bit. I have been painting to many napoleonics. In this case I painted the regimental color (green) all around the cuffs and color and the epaulets. That would be incorrect for the Victorian period. I fixed as I moved forward with the different colors

Here you can see that some red has been laid over the green. I still need to refine that correct. I also realized as I was painting steel (not shown in these photographs) that the sheath for the sword is straight and not curved, yet the sword has a distinct curve to it. Initially I just dismissed this as the officer having acquired a light dragoon sword. After I started painting the sword I realized my error and I straightened it out which ruined the paint I had applied. I have stripped the sword down and its ready to be primed and repainted.


  1. Really nice looking figures so far!


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Anne! I truly hate painting red but these are coming along pretty good. I still need to tweak them, some darker shadows for sure not sure about the highlights since they will be in "shadow" on the diorama.

  3. They look great, beautiful details!

    1. Thanks Phil! If I just needed them for a game they would be pretty much ready to go at this point (I'll have to post updated pictures later). But that whole competition thing adds another layer of work.

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    1. Thanks! Red is always tough to work with.