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Friday, January 1, 2016

Its a Blog Birthday! 4 years old.

Happy Birthday Blog!

I always intend to write a state of the blog every year but never manage to pull it off, but I hit a lot of milestones this year so I'm pulling out all the stops.

Overall the blog has done what I intended, helping me stay on track with projects. Its certainly not foolproof. You can see a lot of projects started in this space that haven't reached completion yet and some of them may never get that far. I think the two longest term projects that are likely to see completion are Calamity and my WWI AEF Marines. I'm easily distracted by shiny stuff and there are a lot of periods that I would like to be involved with that I have stuck my toe into and just haven't proceeded farther. Calamity serves a double purpose as it helps me stay abreast of what is happening in my model railroad hobby and my gaming/painting hobby. Its the only project that I have that combines both. The third project that will reach completion, at some point, is the LA Warehouse District project. Many of the weathering techniques I have worked on for Calamity will translate directly over to that project. Right now its mainly suffering from neglect due to space more than anything else.

I'm not sure what will be up for 2016. My goal is to actually get the town of Calamity finished so that will probably be the bulk of the posts during the year but I'm not sure I can sustain the level of effort that's going to require to get there. Genghis Con is fast approaching but that effort will be a lot lighter than usual, the group that is running it contacted us so late that we don't really have time to get the support we need or even to find instructors. After that there is nothing on the schedule till October when ReaperCon opens on its new dates. That should be an interesting show. I also intend to participate in the Lead Painters League in the LAF forum. I have never participated in this before because its always come right in the middle of getting ready for both the Genghis Con and ReaperCon painting competitions. But I'm going all in this year. It guarantees that I will paint at least 55 minis this year.

2013 – 83639 Page Views, averaging 6969 views per month and crossed the magical 100,000 page view mark. More than doubled the number of page views from 2012, quite a jump.
2014 – 91876 Page Views, averaging 7656 views per month and I crossed the 200,000 page view mark.
2015 – 89955 Page Views, averaging 7497 views per month and crossed another mark; 300,000.
Four Year total 304223

2012 – 19.67 posts per month (there were 43 in January which kin of skews the numbers).
2013 – 14 posts per month
2014 – 12 posts per month
2015 – 13.5 posts per month

My monthly goal is to write 12 posts. Sometimes I make it, sometimes I don’t, sometimes I blow it away.

It is a bit harder to translate all of this into people but based on my stat counter (not google's!) the blog has had hits from 65,339 unique IP addresses from 135 countries. That same stat collector also shows flags from the various regions that make up any given country. Being a bit obsessive I like to keep track of those flags. I have a few countries that are "complete" in that respect; US, England (the UK was divided into four sections by the provider in 2015; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Germany, France, Australia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Denmark and the Czech Republic (There are a bunch of countries that aren't partitioned off that would fit here, but that feels like cheating). There are 7 countries that I just need one more flag from; Spain (Melilla), Belgium (Luxembourg), Austria (Burgenland), South Africa (Limpopo), Israel (North District) and Slovakia (Trencin). There are three countries that I need two flags from; Canada (I'm not sure there are even computers in the two provinces that are missing), Finland (this one is odd, because on one screen it says I'm missing one flag and on another it says I'm missing two) and Italy. The number of regions or states that some countries are divided up into is nuts. Malta, as an example, has 68 "regions" listed.

Perhaps the most important number is 196, the number of people that willingly follow my blog! A salute to you, the hardy few!

A bit of a reward! On to 2016!

What this blog is really about though

Southbound UP train south of Ft Collins CO. UP5123 is an SD70M
All the stuff I get to sell at auction at one of the local convention game auctions. Yes, I am an amateur auctioneer and yes I can talk faster than you can keep up.
Rolls Royce Armored Car, Bronze medal at ReaperCon 2015 in vehicles. (Trenchworx model)

WWI French FT-17 (Trenchworx model)
On30 Stock Car (Bachmann)

On30 Mogul C&S #22 (Bachmann)
WWI US Marines, mixed uniform. Mostly Brigade Games Miniatures with a few Great War Miniatures mixed in.

WWI US Marines forest green uniform

A few citizens of Calamity

Ellen Stone by Reaper Miniatures

I'm not sure about this one. He could be from Wargames Foundry, or he might be from Battle Flag.

Male Huckster, Reaper Miniatures
An interesting fact; other than the actual production, packaging and shipping of the miniature at Reaper (and I may know those folks as well), every person involved with this miniature is a friend of mine. The "concept" art for this is a painting by my friend Dan Frazier that appeared on the Huckster book for the Deadlands RPG. The "model" for that cover is my friend Dave Mac. The mini was sculpted by my friend Bob Ridolfi.

Wichita Witch, Reaper Miniatures

Back two are from Black Scorpion, the front two are from Reaper
Shopping II; Best Hasslefree Miniatures entry at ReaperCon 2015

Ambush; Gold Medal in Dioramas at ReaperCon 2015
Calamity's Newspaper Office

"McKenzie" Silver Medal at ReaperCon 2015 (Hasslefree)


  1. Happy 4th blogiversary! It seems we started our blogs on the same day :)

    You've definitely had a productive and successful year :)

    1. I think we did! Not a bad year at all, I would like to finish a few more big projects this year though!

  2. Hurray! Looking forward to many more years.

  3. Happy Blogday Kris, here's to many more.

  4. Not a bad 4 years Kris, Happy Birthday!

    1. Not bad at all, not even in the ballpark with you and Ray though. Thanks Fran

  5. Happy Blogday! That's a wonderful retrospective, I'm looking forwards to what the fifth year has to offer!

    1. Thanks! I should probably contemplate what I want to achieve in 2016 a bit more.

  6. Happy blog Day and best of luck for 2016