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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Acquisition: Setting The Scene Volume 3; Norway 1940, The Road to Dombas

While I can't seem to get painting time in (spring yardwork has beckoned) I can still order stuff online and even read it! The newest acquisition along gaming lines is Setting the Scene Volume 3 by Pat Smith. I own the first two volumes (Vol 1; Winter Wargaming, Vol 2; The Mediterranean) and I found them very well written with lots of pictures!

Volume 3 differs slightly in theme focusing on a campaign, the invasion of Norway in 1940, and even more specifically on the German air assault on Dombas. Pat said he was inspired by the Chain of Command campaign written by David Hunter titled "The Road to Dombas, 1940" which appeared in the 100th issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy magazine.

Like the other "Setting the Scene" books Pat runs you through everything you need to know about constructing wargame table that is both functional and looks fantastic in only 112 pages packed with the techniques you need in only 112 pages. While many of the techniques are the same as Volume 1; Winter Wargaming, there are new techniques as well as new tips & tricks. One of the major differences is Pat creates a "permanent" board with the roads and rivers fixed in place, very different from the boards he created in Vols 1 & 2. He also delves a bit into the conversion world by converting the Norwegian infantry from a Warlord Games box of plastic Germans in great coats. A fairly simple conversion but worth the read. Also new in this book is a short 7 game campaign for the fighting around Dombas for both Chain of Command and Bolt Action.

Even if you already own Vol 1 which featured winter warfare during the Battle of the Bulge there is enough new material here to make it worth adding to your collection.

The cover shows just how well Pat was able to capture the desolate snowy landscape of Norway.

Before you delve into the material inside you might want to get your winter jacket. Easy here because we never put away our winter jackets in Colorado.

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