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Friday, June 7, 2013

Kickstarter; Wargods of Olympus - Titan Hunter Unlocked

The Croc has hit the $45,000 level unlocking the first "free" Kickstarter miniature, the Titan Hunter. This one is exclusive to this Kickstarter. During the Titan Hunter run we also unlocked a "hidden" reward one that provides a free pdf of the rules (when they are released in 2014) to every reward level above watcher. Again you don't get it early but you will get it. In the meantime I noticed that the concept art for Artemis had been replaced by a green so Fitz is obviously sculpting at a near frantic pace. I also see that the concept art for the Oracle is also making an appearance. I do like Des' work. We are also heading towards the next reward level of $55,000 which will unlock the Corinthians. I rather anxious to see the greens or at least the concept art for these guys.

So on we go, 23 days left to choose your faction!

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