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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Calamity acquires a second locomotive

I have been haunting Ebay with both automatic and manual searches looking for a 4-4-0 American for Calamity's railroad. I finally managed to get a Bachmann 4-4-0 at a good price and brand new to boot! Its definitely a some assembly required piece although not very much. This is the first On30 engine I have acquired that's in the new style packaging. I needed instructions just to get it out of the box! It really is obviously in min condition and it comes as un-decorated which is perfect for me. I don't have to try and strip off decals or paint that I don't like. I'll have to dis-assemble this one a bit, it will be getting a fancier 1870's style paint job and of course a the new wood cab from Blue Mount that arrived last week.
Here are some photos of trying to get the darn thing out of the box as well as some scale photos with some of my miniatures. This engine is a little smaller than I was anticipating, I'll include a photo of the C&S 2-6-0 with a mini just to show you just how small it is.

I think there may be a locomotive in this box.

Well, its definitely in there still not sure what it looks like

I can at least tell its a 4-4-0 now.

And now you can finally see the locomotive and tender in all their glory. I think I skipped the getting the plastic sleeve off that was wrapped around all of this as well. It certainly was well protected
Here she is with the wood load in place instead of the coal.
With some of the gang (minis in WIP status yet) with the coal load in place.
From left to right; Black Scorpion, Reaper, Foundry, Dixon?, Dixon

From the front

From the back, a little dark to to really see inside though

Now in the harsh glare of the on camera flash, you can at least see the interior detail now.
Here is a shot of the 2-6-0 Mogul with a Reaper Mini in for scale. This locomotive is much bigger than the 4-4-0. I get some side by side shots of them when the are actually in the same place.


  1. And I thought DVD cases were a pain to open. Nice looking engine. I kind of like the smaller look for old west.

    1. DVDs are a piece of cake compared to this monster package. Although nothing was going to be delivered broken in this package. I'm think I can live with the smaller look on this. I think I need to find that article on lowering the bodies of the rolling stock to match up better.

  2. WOW!! She's a beauty and looks great with the pics and the figures. Nice to see you getting back to Calamity.

    1. Yea, I really like this engine. I'm looking forward to putting in some work on her.