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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WWI Kickstarter Book - The Walter Koessler Project

I think this is a pretty exciting project. This gentleman is going to produce a book  with the images his great-grandfather took as a German officer during WWI. His family has taken care of the pictures and the negatives for almost a 100 years now and he has decided to scan the images and create a WWI pictorial with over 1000 images. You can see the images he scans here on his tumblr site: Walter Koessler Project

This is a fascinating record of the war from the German side, just priceless photographs. If you have any interest in WWI then I think this is an excellent kickstarter to jump into. There are still a few pledge levels available at $75 (add $30 for shipping outside the US) and then the next level is $89. There is even a 3D steroscopic viewmaster pledge level. Very cool stuff. He has blown way past his goal with 9 days left.

Please keep in mind that unlike many gaming and miniature projects there are no stretch goals or add-ons. Various pledge levels will provide extras, but you can only participate through the pledge levels, no extras. 

I have pulled one picture from the Kickstarter page and a couple from his tumblr site just to give you an idea of a very small portion of this book. I think this is a must have book for those with a serious interest in WWI.

Walter Koessler Kickstarter Project


  1. I've been going through my granddad's photos from WW2 recently, so that sounds like a really interesting project to follow... thanks for the heads up

    1. My ex-wife's father has a collection of photographs just pre-WWII in the Philippines and China. Based on the photos he was certainly at Corregidor and in Shanghai when the Japanese invaded there. He was out of the army and in TX when the Philippines were invaded. Those are the kind of pictures that need to be shared.

  2. Pretty cool. My Dad has a box full of my Great Grandfathers pictures from his time in France, I should dig them out.