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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Painting the Ultimate Halfling Team for Blood Bowl - Session 1

I spent most of yesterday painting, a pretty rare occurrence these days. I don't usually have that kind of time to really concentrate on a project anymore. I made a lot of progress on the halflings because of it. The skin and hair are mostly done, I might bring the highlights up to make some of the faces pop a bit more (at which point I have to repeat to myself that these are gaming miniatures and not competition pieces). Some of the expressions are quite humorous and a little extra emphasis would be a good thing. I just went for generic brunettes for all of the hair but I may go back and change that to get a little variety, there isn't a whole lot of hair to paint on this bunch since most of them are wearing helmets.

I decided on a quarter patterned uniform in yellow and red. Not the easiest colors to work with but I think they will be quite striking in the end. The yellow is basically finished and the basecoat for the red has been layed in. So a good chunk of work yesterday on the halflings but none at all on the Treemen. I'm not quite sure how I want to approach them and they could potentially eat up a lot of painting time. I would like to finish the team before I have to go to Maryland later this month so I have about 12 days to finish them. Oh and I still haven't managed to play a game yet, but the dwarves are ready to go!

A few in progress shots.

The guy in the middle looks like he is trying to fly and he even has a cape. I think he is somehow related to the halfing sitting in the front corner of the picture.

The halfling that looks like he is sitting will be in the left hand of one of the Treemen, It looks like he is about to be thrown across the field. I haven't read the rules but it at least implies that a treeman can toss a halfling.


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    1. Now if I can just keep the momentum going!

  2. They look great. Hope the dwarves won't be their first opponent.. tackle is the bane of halflings ;)

    1. I'm sure Tori won't be to hard on me the first time out. Probably a human team for their first game.

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    1. Thanks! I got a little more done yesterday; highlighted the red and added some purple stripes not enough to be worthy of pictures or a write up though.