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Monday, November 25, 2013

Aetherworks 2 Story Western Building

I finally got my hands on an Aetherworks 2 story building kit. It went together quite easily with nicely written instructions. Its your typical lasercut MDF kit so you should warn the household that you are about to open the package or they may think there is a fire in the house. The only drawback to this building is that its just a shell, so you are getting something similar to a Gamecraft Miniatures kit, a 2 story building with no interior second floor. I do understand that Aetherworks is currently in the design stages for a kit just for this purpose. This is a quality kit, the only drawback being that Aetherworks is in Australia so shipping can be a real eye opener.

Here are pictures of my build:

Solid instructions, I would prefer more and larger pictures though. But really there is nothing particularly difficult in this kit.

Here is the sequence to building the false front cap. The way the pieces are designed you really can't make a mistake here. Just be sure to build up both the left and right sides before you do the top section.

Putting the walls together. In the basic kit there are no window or door framing pieces. You can buy an add on kit and select from a couple of different styles for your doors and windows.

Prepare to glue on the front porch.

And it ends with the porch in place.
This is also the first picture for building the porch supports, you can see the two upper supports already in place.
Parts for the porch

And finished

A couple of Calamity's citizens enjoying the new saloon.
And some shots of the finished building. 


  1. I'm not a fan of laser-cut buildings but this one is not too bad and you have done a perfect work with it .

    1. Its a solid basic building. I'll need to dress it up a bit before I declare it truly finished, but its usable as it is right now.

  2. Replies
    1. Its a nice size to, big enough to have some serious action inside but the footprint isn't huge. Now to rig up a floor for the 2nd story.