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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Painting the Ultimate Halfling Team for Blood Bowl - Session 5 Halflings finished

Spent some time today doing some base work on a couple of different projects including my Halfling Blood Bowl team. I still have the three Treemen to start on but the bulk of the halfling side of the team is finished. So here are the finished shots:

Team Shot

Coach and Chef, these weren't included as part of the team but they were cool so I picked them up.

Halfling #3, Halfling #12 and Halfling #7

Poggy (another extra player), Halfling #4, Halfling #11, and Halfling #10

Halfling #6, Halfling #13, Halfling #8, and Halfling #1

Halfling #14, Halfling #5, Halfling #2, and Halfling #9 


  1. Very nice football team you have there, I like the chosen color scheme of these halflings. I have added your blog to my blogscroll over at Wargame News and Terrain.

    Kind regards

    1. I have always wanted to do a quartered pattern like that. It was fun but its out of my system now! Thanks for the add!

  2. Great stuff! Looking forwards to the trees...

    1. I'm looking forward to them too. They are assembled and primed so I just need to start the paint work.