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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Calamity Prototype - The Midnight Star

While waiting for parts for Calamity's Railroad station I started laying out the plans for Calamity's Hotel and Saloon; The Midnight Star. Stolen right out of the movie Silverado. Right now I'm just trying to get a handle on the compromise between the size I want and what will really fit.

Again pictures tell a better tale.

My hand drawn plans

It took to of my sheets of matte board

How many will fit in your standard 10x10 room? Man those bases really take up a lot of space.

Starting to cut away the excess

Playing cowboys here

Cut down

All cut out. The cowboy on the right is standing on what will be the balcony


  1. Looks awesome! But I don't see Stella's ramp behind the bar. Gonna include that?

    I'm wondering if knowing about it will eat at you. ;p

    1. Stella's ramp will definitely be there. Where else will the not-Costner cowboy hide? My version will have a few other surprises though!