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Monday, July 7, 2014

Calamity Gets a New RR Station - Part 5

Not a whole lot has been accomplished. I was planning to sit down this evening and make some serious progress on the station. The parts I needed had arrived, however, when I got home one of the boys had put the box in a "safe place" and I still haven't found them. However, I did get some work done on the interior which I had to do first anyway. I started with some priming and then started work on the second floor.

The pictures always do better than words for me so here they are:
With the help of my metal angle blocks I set up the waiting room to get an idea of what its really going to fit inside. The gunslinger in the back is from Black Scorpion, the gal on the right is from Wargames Foundry and the Sheriff in the foreground is from Reaper Miniatures.

As you can see the office area is going to be fairly small.

The floors are made from my supply of large scrap plastic from the banner shop. Scored the planks with an x-acto knife.

Same treatment on the bottom floor

Primed the exterior with a light gray. I will apply my weathering base coat next
A partial primer coat of brown was applied to the inside

The floor with a layer of burnt umber added

Pulled out the exterior walls for the second floor and applied the 

Here I have applied the green paper to serve as wallpaper and built the interior framing for the window

2nd floor exterior walls complete

A nice Vallejo Hull Red applied to the frames. I think this is going to look pretty sharp when I'm done.

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