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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Calamity Gets a New RR Station - Part 4

I had to order the windows and doors I needed online instead of being able to use my regular local source. That's the problem with using S scale parts since the basic demand is low you never know when the restock is going to come in. The online retailer I used "claims" they have the parts in stock but the order has been "in process" since 6/24. So we will see what happens with that. We are going to get to the point where not having these pieces is going to bring construction to a halt. The good news is that the stone sheet that I ordered from Monster Modelworks arrived. The bad news is that I didn't check the thickness and its much to thick to just tack on to the tab that I left on the bottom of each wall. I'll have to cut the tab off and line things up a bit more carefully and I'll have to think about the bottom floor a bit more than I anticipated.

Today's construction revolved around getting the interior started. All the exterior walls have received their wainscoting and chair rails. I can probably start painting that now and then apply the wallpaper. I can move on to building the interior walls, I just have to decide how I'm going to divide the rooms up. 

On to today's construction photos.

Adding the wainscoting and chair rail. Hard to see with the white on white going on 

And the close up doesn't really help much

This is the front door to the waiting room, still to much white on white.

Ah, works better this way. Trackside door.

Adding the detail for the second floor

Again from the trackside, You can see how the second floor will basically be an A-Frame.

The waiting room, interior side, waiting for some paint now.

The Baggage room. I probably didn't need to add the wainscoting since the floor will be raised and you won't be able to see it.

The baggage room, interior side

The trackside wing. I still haven't cut out the windows since I need a third one to create the large window. That's definitely going to hold up construction

Trackside wing, interior.

Front wing, interior. Its interesting to see how the yellow of the stain can is affecting the auto white balance feature.

Front wing, interior

This is the laser cut stone sheet from Monster Modelworks. Looks great, although I managed to ignore that it is an 1/8# thick. I'll have to work out an alternative solution.


  1. Which parts are you looking for Kris?

    1. Hi Darel! I'm only using four parts for this one.:
      4003 - a five panel door for the interior doors, 4027 - 2 pane double hung windows (78x30), 4024 8 pane double jung windows (27x38) and 4039 RGS Depot doors. This building is just eating up window castings. These are all from Grandt Line, hopefully I'll see my order get filled this week.