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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Leveling Up - Experimenting with Color Theory Part 2

This week my Republique Red arrived in my Reaper Miniatures order. I went back down to the workroom to do a new "primary" color wheel. The light finally went on that the reason you use six colors to create this wheel and its variants as that each primary color has both a warm and a cold version which is why sometimes when I mix red and blue or blue and yellow or yellow and red I don't quite get what I'm expecting. A cold yellow and a cold blue are going to create duller greens than a warm yellow and a warm blue. So that little bit of understanding will really help in my color choices especially for the dioramas, maybe a little bit for the display base pieces as well.

So here is the new version of my Reaper Color wheel. I'm still having issues with the shades and the grey tone so I have left those rings empty again. I may go ahead and do the alternate rings, matching up say the republique red with the ultramarine blue to see what range of purples that creates (that would be a warm red combined with a warm blue). I might pull out my Scale75 Scalecolor paints and try the same exercise with those.

Starting at the top: Sun Yellow (9008),  Clear Yellow (9095), Republique Red (61108), Crimson Red (29801), Ultramarine Shadow (9187) and Sapphire Blue (9016)

Adding in the secondary colors (1:1 mix)

Adding in the tertiary colors (approx a 1:1 mix of the secondary and the primary on that side)

Adding the "tones" just adding white in a 1:1 mix

Adding the "tones" for the secondaries, again white in an approximate 1:1 mix

Adding in the "tones" for the tertiaries (even more approximate!)

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