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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Calamity Gets a New RR Station - Part 3

Finally on to Part 3. I spent this time getting the main exterior siding into place. The station is mainly clapboard siding with some more vertical planking on the few spots where the second story is visible along with some board and batten work up in the eaves. Having three different styles of siding is really what attracted me to this station in the first place. I'm really liking how the building is coming along. I tempted to jump right in and starting putting it together but since I do want to have an interior I'll have to do that first. I also have to figure out where I want to cut the building so you can take off the 2nd story to get down to the first story. Originally I was thinking that I would have the second floor just slide out but I think the building is to narrow to make moving miniatures inside comfortable if I do that. I'm still thinking about how to do the roof as well, so lots of things to think about before I can actually do the final assembly.

As always the pictures with a few comments should explain everything that I did, well at least when I remembered to take pictures.

I cut the siding to fit and glued it into place right over the window openings.

I cut the windows out from the backside. Note that the sides of this piece still need to be trimmed a bit.

Here the process is repeated on the freight door side

A construction photo, this is the front of the bay window on the front of the building.

Another in progress photo

Front bay window. The clapboard is in place, windows have been re-cut the vertical planks have trim on both sides.

Door to the waiting room on the front side

Door to the waiting room, trackside

The windows into the freight/baggage room

The sides of the bay windows ready to go

Hard to see in this picture but the upper trim piece has been added to add separation between the clapboards and the vertical planks of the second story.

Second story vertical planks, freight door side

Second story vertical planks, waiting room side

A thinking shot. I need to add the vertical trim strips as well as the board and batten siding at the very top. I didn't want to make a mistake when I added the vertical trim since its a key component of getting everything to line up and provide as solid surface for glueing.

Testing fitting the front elevation. All the vertical edge trim has been added as well as the board and batten siding at the top of the bay window and both ends.

A view from the freight door side. The blank space a the bottom is going to be either a brick or stone foundation, I haven't decided on which type I want to use yet. I'm leaning towards a field stone since Calamity is a mountain town.

And from the waiting room side. The board and batten really shows nicely here as does the vertical trim pieces.

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