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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Calamity Gets a New RR Station - Part 6

Well things are moving along with the station, although not quite as fast as I would like. Real life keeps interfering. I have prepared the windows and doors and worked on both the interior and exterior walls of the main and second floors. I tried another variation of my initial weathering formula. This time about 5 parts Raw Umber and 1 part Carbon Black Liquitex Inks. I'm quite pleased with the look of this formula combined with the gray primer. Of course we will see how it all comes out when we start peeling paint. Here is the progress so far.

The Missing Box, found in plain site of course.

That was a pretty big box for this small package. Wrapped in bubblewrap and filled in with shipping peanuts. I hate shipping peanuts.

Prepping the windows and doors

Primed windows and doors

And while the primer was drying I applied the tan wallpaper to the interior walls of the main floor. Pulled out my weights to make sure they dried nice and flat.

My weathering formula applied to the exterior walls

Some more exterior walls. Don't be considered with even coverage since its going to be covered with paint.

Window with the weathering applied

I finally get to test fit the windows and doors. You can see here that I will need to lengthen the doors to fit the actual size of the door opening.

More windows and doors being test fitted.

And I was able to build the triple window that's on the trackside of the station.


  1. Good stuff! I always enjoy your build logs. I also like the fact that you take the time to make the interiors playable. I'm off to search your blog for your brush recommendations as I have finally decided that my brushes are really limiting my technique.

    1. Sean, if you can't find it my favorite brushes are DaVinci Kolinsky Maestros 34, a 0 and 1 should be all you really need. If you are in the US that might still be hard to find. Raphael 8404 are an excellent substitute again a 0 and a 1 and of course Winsor & Newton Series 7 (not the miniature series).

    2. Thanks Kris, I bookmarked your post on kolinsky sable from last May. Dick Blick is out of stock on all Kolinsky Sable, unless you want a size 14 or larger. The Da Vinci have no restock date but Rafael and Winsor Newton should be back first week in August. I ended up ordering 4 brushes directly from Rosemary & Co. With shipping they ended up about $9 a piece. The US distributor you listed is out of business.

    3. Oops, I also meant to say they were the series 33.

    4. Its hard to keep up with the brushes right now. It sounds like Raphael and Winsor/Newton have both managed to get on the band wagon with the paperwork. Hopefully the long wait is over. I'll have to find a source outside the US for my DaVincis though.