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Monday, August 25, 2014

Another PzKfw III book for the collection

The Panzer III is one of my favorite tanks and as such I have accumulated a fair number of reference books on the subject. I have been trying to track down this particular title; Workhorse Panzer III in North Africa by Claude Gillono for quite some time now. I finally managed to find a few on Ebay from the UK and it ended up being fairly pricey acquisition for 34 page book. I'm not sure if its actually out of print or not but there are folks on Amazon that definitely think that. The current price on Amazon is $185, I ended up at about $43 after shipping. It was a price I was willing to pay though it is an excellent reference book with color plates and a lot of pictures that I haven't seen before with excellent descriptions. There is also a pretty good summary of Afrika Korps history within the pages especially related to tank strengths. So if you are a Pz III aficionado then I suggest you acquire a copy of this one if you can.

Book Cover

Center Fold, four pages of color plate on the inside

And the back cover with another plate